Dedicated Team and Their Advantages

July 31

Software development is one of the main ways to become known and visible in the electronic space on the background of digital transformation. Many people believe that the development of Internet projects is an easy task, and there are plenty of experts who can meet every customer’s expectation. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to find qualified and gifted employees; therefore, companies choose a more popular model of cooperation and project development and management, i.e. an external dedicated team.

What is a dedicated team?

Taking the pace and scale of the development of digital technologies, the need for unique software is becoming increasingly greater. A standard website is not enough, so enterprises invest a lot of time, energy and money in innovative and creative software solutions in order to achieve a competitive advantage. It frequently occurs that an organisation starts looking for outside assistance because it does not have enough skilled IT professionals or because they are unable to complete tasks efficiently. 

The dedicated team is a model of collaboration when a team of competent specialists that is specifically built up, develops and improves a project or software for a service customer. Such a dedicated team of developers and other specialists is the most optimal solution for a long-termed project, the end of which is not completely clear, and the goals and vision of the project only are known. A dedicated team can handle practically all challenges related to e-commerce and make sure that companies get what they need in a shorter time-frame, i.e. creative and unique software solutions. 

When do you need a dedicated team?

When you want to save money

At first glance, hiring a dedicated team may appear like a significant investment. However, in the long term, you will reduce operating costs because once you complete the project you will just need to set aside a percentage of your budget for project maintenance, that which is often not very expensive. You won’t have to stress about paying for things like office rent, insurance premiums, vacation, etc. Instead, every penny will go into to the development of software you require. 

When you need flexibility

Coming up with new ideas and with growing number of projects, the marketing or IT departments of a company may find it difficult to adapt to the amount of tasks: they will need to either increase their team size or reduce the project scale. This issue is frequently faced by entirely new enterprises and startups when it’s difficult to realise the scope of works. The dedicated team will be made up of an optimal number of professionals, and, if necessary, they will respond with flexibility and add more members to the team. 

When quality is the fundamental interest

Dedicated teams are made up of the best professionals in their fields possessing either with great experience or great talent. Most members of dedicated teams have experience working with well-known brands, are familiar with the latest technology advancements and have inconcorporated them into their work. Accordingly, you may be confident that your ideas will be realised, and the software will be dependable and operate with top quality. 

What advantages do a dedicated team offer? 

Talented professionals

It typically takes close to ten weeks, if not longer, for a company to find a qualified software developer. Then there are project managers, designers, SEO experts… The dedicated team has brought together professionals from different areas who work together and know to find a solution in the fastest way. If more people are needed, the team can be enlarged, and a business analyst might even be invited.

Faster growth for your company

The dedicated team of experts will assist you in understanding what technologies you ought to invest in, how to maintain market competitiveness, and how to enhance marketing and engagement strategies. These teams directly manage the entire project from the start, therefore, they are able to swiftly respond to the market developments, guarantee the quality of the project and can offer new project features or tools. 

Increased focus on significant tasks

Hiring a dedicated team will enable you to save time and money. This is crucial for startups, that always lack labour force while having an unlimited amount of work piling up. You and your team will be free to concentrate on other crucial objectives of your business, because a dedicated team of experts will handle all specific IT tasks and complete projects at the scheduled time. 

More efficient project management

The dedicated team, unlike the distribution of tasks among individual employees or companies, is an ideal solution for the development and maintenance of your long-termed project, as you can better control it. Cooperation among specialists of different areas allows you to better and more efficiently follow the progress of a project, solve problems encountered and basically manage the entire project process from the beginning to the final goal. Moreover, the dedicated team will assist you in completing more projects in a shorter time-frame.

Most advanced technologies

As long as dedicated teams offer software development services for many different business areas, they devote most of their time to advancing new technologies and learning new skills of software development. This is necessary in order to satisfy the expectations of consumers and to present first the latest technological solutions. Furthermore, external IT teams create, manage and maintain all processes from start to finish. For this reason, mistakes are prevented. 

Where to start wishing to employ a dedicated team?

Clearly describe your business goals

Decide on a precise business concept before employing a dedicated team. What kind of tool, product, or solution do you want to create? Do you need a simple website, mobile app, or do you probably want to become digitised and you need API integration? Goals that are well defined will help to prevent project interferences. 

Select professionals

After answering questions about your business goals, you need to determine what type of specialists you will require: developers, designers, SEO experts, or perhaps even marketers? Verify that the skills of specialists match the requirements of your project, request examples of solutions that have been used, and a trial task. 

Plan your budget

Consider your budget, any potential adjustments and incidental expense for the project if the project realisation duration grows or additional features of the project are required. Draw up your budget first, and only then you should start looking for a dedicated team. 

Challenges you may encounter after selecting a dedicated team

If you have decided to choose a dedicated team for your upcoming project, think about the key obstacles you might face.

Lack of communication
Nowadays, project management and execution in the electronic space should not be a problem. However, sometimes you can experience specific issues. To avoid this, we recommend you organising weekly or even more regular video meetings where you can discuss the progress of a project. Invite the dedicated team’s leader, if possible, and go over your expectations with him/her. 

Changing project progress or price
However, even the most devoted and powerful teams occasionally replace their experts. Until a new team member fully joins the project, the team leader will inform you of any modifications, which may include a longer project implementation period. We recommend considering the deadline, price, specific tasks in your contract for service provision. 

Different methods of work
When employing both a dedicated team or freelancers, talk about the process of carrying out the required tasks and the progress of project implementation. It is normal if the project is completed in steps and specialists follow their established working methods. Do not be surprised if the processes are carried out differently than you expect. You should be concerned if the dedicated team delays and fails to provide the tasks done. 

Your project will be taken to a new level thanks to the dedicated team collaborating with gifted IT specialists, ambitious project managers, creative designers, and other experts. Try out this work model, assess the benefits of the dedicated team, and collaborate effectively and successfully to achieve the goals of the company.


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