API and Integrations

Faster information sharing

API and integrations help your company to make changes faster, more conveniently and more effectively and to exchange information between several different systems.

APi integracija

What is API?

API, or Application Programming Interface, is a computer system that allows you to instantly share, remember, exchange and modify information between different information systems. API solutions allow you to combine several programmes, make the desired modifications in one of the systems, and then “bring this information back”. API is new opportunities of information sharing.

integracija ir API

Advantages of API and integrations

API solutions are suitable for both small and very large companies with countless different systems. Successful API integration enables you to complete the daily tasks of the company faster and easier, reduce business costs, save staff time, avoid human errors and fundamentally automate and optimise processes. API and integrations not only allow faster information exchange, but also help a company to digitise and achieve better results.

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