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What is e-commerce?

Digital transformation and the diffusion of technologies have led companies to look for new channels for sales. One of these is e-commerce, which aims to make your product or service available online by using IT technologies. The sale of services and goods on the internet has started a new age of commerce, enabling companies to use their resources more efficiently and to present their business more quickly and conveniently to a much larger proportion of potential consumers.

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Why is it important to be visible on the internet?

If you are not present on the internet, you are likely to lose a significant portion of your customers in your business sector. E-commerce solutions reveal more information about your product or service, build the reputation of your company, help you use advertising tools more efficiently and inform your customers more quickly about news and offers. Moreover, with e-commerce, you can better respond the ever-growing needs of end users, foster increasing demand, add values, regulate competition and help a company achieve its goals faster.

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