Facebook advertising: 10 things you cannot advertise

Facebook advertising: 10 things you cannot advertise

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks that unites people of different ages, social backgrounds, religious views and hobbies. Perhaps that’s where the fascination of this platform comes from. It is for everyone and every business person can find their customers.

Facebook advertising helps you reach your target customers, so business account management is essential. Just like we publish information about our everyday life on social media, it is also necessary to inform the public about your business activities. Social media accounts are the most convenient way. However, its management, maintenance, and the subtleties of the content requires knowledge. Not everything is recommended to be published on Facebook and not everything will be welcomed by customers. Here are 10 things that you cannot advertise on Facebook.

# 1 – Supplements

Nowadays, Facebook has a lot of information about healthy lifestyle and how to lose weight fast. However, while textual information is available, advertising is prohibited. Why? Different countries have different dietary supplements laws. If they are sold more liberally in one country, elsewhere it could be sold more strictly. In order to be insured against misunderstandings, Facebook prohibits advertising supplements everywhere. 

# 2 – Adult products

Although it’s difficult to figure out which products are intended for adults and which are for younger people, the policy of Facebook advertising is responsive to the promotion of adult products. You can still advertise contraceptives, but nudity, sex toys and similar products are prohibited. 

# 3 – Third-party goods

It is prohibited to promote goods and services that violate the third-party agreement, such as copyrighted goods. Both video and audio content. Of course, if you have permission – you are allowed to advertise, but such advertising bans help avoid copyright infringement.

 # 4 – Tracking equipment

Perhaps you will be surprised, but Facebook advertising is strictly against the promotion of surveillance equipment: cameras (especially for spyware), mobile phone tracking equipment and the like. Of course, this does not mean that the merchants selling these goods cannot have a Facebook account. They can, but unfortunately, advertisements for such products cannot be ordered, so you will have to look for other favourable self-promotion methods. 

# 5 – Counterfeit consumer goods

Online advertising prohibits the promotion of counterfeit goods. Not only is adverting banned, but it is also forbidden to sell them. Protect copyright and prevent people who arbitrarily copy ideas from earning. If you’ve found that fakes are being advertised, you can always report it. 

# 6 – Before and after health products

The beauty business is flourishing, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of ads on the Internet that show magical remedies for the loss of wrinkles, weight and cellulite. Facebook advertising prohibits the promotion of products that result in “incredible changes” that could affect a person’s self-awareness. If you promote weight changes, then you must confirm that you are 18 years of age.

# 7 – Sensitive topics

The Facebook platform also prohibits the promotion of any products and services that are highly sensitive. When creating an advertisement, it must be remembered that it can offend a particular social group or religious community, so if you aren’t blocked by Facebook, it can be done by people who will inform about your advertisement. 

# 8 – Weapons

If your ad contains guns, ammunition and other similar weapons, Facebook will ban such advertising. Again, there are different laws in different countries and it’s much easier to manage traffic – to ban such advertising altogether. Of course, you can have a page, but advertising is still not allowed. 

# 9 – Tobacco products

As the world is actively fighting smoking, it’s natural that advertising tobacco products on Facebook is not possible. It is also prohibited to advertise electronic cigarettes, and other tobacco products, not just cigarettes. You also cannot advertise other products that show tobacco products. 

# 10 – Narcotic substances

Another product that cannot be advertised is narcotic drugs. They cannot be sold either, although the definition of narcotic substances varies considerably between countries. Even if advertised from the Netherlands, where marijuana is legal, Facebook advertising is still prohibited.

Even if you managed to “get away” from the Facebook filter, it does not mean that your ad will not be deleted after a day or more. It’s better to obey the rules than to pay for advertising that can be removed quickly.

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