Google AdWords: how to get started and how to use it?

Google AdWords: how to get started and how to use it?

Google is the most popular search engine around the world, with almost 90% of Internet users using Google. True, the Google system itself has changed considerably over the years and is now Google AdWords (or Google Ads) is an inseparable part of. It’s an opportunity to increase web site traffic even by several hundred times. Of course, AdWords itself will not work well if the web page is not managed or isn‘t appealing to its customers. Investing in this opportunity for advertising requires looking continuity. Google AdWords will encourage people to visit your site once and its content should encourage them to come back.

What is Google Ads?

The keywords and phrases that best describe the essence of your web page are the foundations that help you get better rankings in the search engine. Customers look for information in the system by using certain phrases. The better your keywords are, the more likely your site will be visited.

It’s also important to evaluate the keywords chosen by competitors, as the same combination can advertise even a few web pages. Especially in this case, if you have an online store and sell it for frequently-bought items: “women’s shoes”, “online dresses”, “cheaper teeth whitening,” etc.

Keyword selection

There is no single rule that can define how to properly select keywords. There are actually a lot of rules and the more you apply – the more successful the results will be achieved.

Evaluate several aspects when designing keywords and compounds.

  • Keywords can be found only in the case when the Lithuanian alphabet is not used.
  • The search also works by dividing the keyword into smaller fractions.
  • Ads appear even when compound words switched places.

Of course, you can set up not only keywords, but also the location, language, and detail of the audience that should see your ad.

Visual ad creation

Visual advertisements are more expressive and more accessible advertising than textual. It is becoming more and more popular, as it is obvious that it helps to achieve a better result. Visual ads are always more eye-catching than text ads. Of course, advertising should not only include the logo, but also an exciting attraction.

We recommend that you fine-tune the visual Google AdWords advertising audience so that each invested cent returns benefits.

  • You must once again select your keywords.
  • Determine from where the person should see your ad. Is your ad targeted towards metropolitan residents? Or maybe just the ones who live in the Anykščiai district?
  • You can set your ad to appear only when browsing through certain devices, such as mobile phones.
  • You can select to show visual ads to people of a particular sex, according to their needs. This is especially true for the promotion of cosmetics or fishing equipment.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Do not forget that marketing is continuous, so you shouldn’t count how much to invest, but how much you will make in returns. Similarly, when trying to figure out what amount of money it’s worth for a promotional campaign, evaluate how much you plan to earn from it.

You may have noticed that one ad position is at the top of the page and the other is at the bottom. The top looks much more attractive. Google’s auction assigns the position of the ad, which varies according to several aspects.

  • Of course, the biggest factor is based on how much you are paying. Each click is estimated at the appropriate amount of money, so the more you pay, the better the position will be.
  • Google also evaluates how well you set up your campaign. The position of the advertisement also varies because of that.
  • Google evaluates the quality of the page you are targeting. The page needs to load quickly, it must have a convenient navigation, good design and other factors. True, they not only improve the position of advertising, but also stimulate customer traffic.

Even an increased investment by competitors in a click does not necessarily mean that they will be in higher positions. So, although the cost of a click is particularly important, a neat Google page is also very important. After all, it is offered to your customers!

The most common mistakes people make using Google AdWords

  1. Many people make a particularly low investment in order to save money, more precisely, they dedicate only a few cents for a single click on an ad from a viewer. Accurately count how much one visitor is worth and do not hesitate, as the small investments eventually become big and you spend a lot more.
  2. It is also very important to properly organize your website. Google ads will direct users to it, but what will they see there?
  3. Use negative keywords to help narrow your searches and reach targeted viewers.
  4. Set the keyword type appropriately: Whether you’re only evaluating a complete combination or whether you can modify the links, perhaps a Google search without a Lithuanian letter might be appropriate. Most commonly, a broad number of keywords are left, but for a more precise investment return  we recommend more accurate keywords.

Although Google AdWords introduces itself as a highly perceptible system that is perceived even by people who do not have digital marketing experience, it’s worth turning to professionals. In this case, at least you will be sure that each invested cent will pay off.

Marketing is a colorful field. The more colors you try, the more likely you are to find the right one.

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