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This product of Google is one of the most popular of the similar tools in the world. If you are looking for a tool that works easily but is strong – Google Analytics is exactly what you need.
Google Analytics is a tool for website users analysis. With its help you can collect different kinds of statistics that are connected to your website users. This platform gives summaries of the data that can help you to find out not only some facts but also get new sights of what users are doing on your website, how did they come here, and can you improve for them to come back. You can use Google Analytics as a marketing tool by following clients' moves on an e-store and analyzing what makes them buy or not. This tool lets you find the best solutions by changing situation to positive way.

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Real time summaries

Every change is being marked and you can add some comments to every change that is important to you.

Integral products

We created products that effective and efficient integrate to your business. They solve difficulties while optimizing and digitalizing process of your work.

Content analysis

Find out the important data about your website, customers and their actions on the website.

Complex solutions

Our team is competitive and ambitious. While creating expert systems we are helping you to achieve your business goals.

Mobile apps

Analytics function for mobiles lets you collect data from mobile apps and create summaries.

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Every single product that we make is orientated to development of your business and performance indicators.

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