Influencers: short-term fad or necessity?

Influencers: short-term fad or necessity?

What do the iconic style of Agnė, critic of everyday life Vaitulionis and the Stonkai family have in common? Sometimes, a pump, sometimes a delicious pastry, and sometimes a solarium, which, according to its own celebrities, not only helps to tan, but at the same time helps to avoid the negative effects of a solarium on health, and it looks perfectly good for long time. Why do all these people promote the same stuff? Is it really just a coincidence that they are interested in all the same brands?

Not exactly. These people are influencers and we often rely on their opinions without even thinking that their products may be advertisement. Or maybe we understand this, but trusting your own idols advice is simply more enjoyable?

When does influencing work?

Influencer marketing is an innovation. While a significant part of the public is well aware that some people on social networking sites offer specific goods as advertisement, some people still use their advice. Very often with the boast of a particular product, it is also proposed to win it, which further increases interest.

However, influencing is not as simple as it often seems. The problem is that this process is simplified not only by the public, but also by marketing professionals. By trying to save money they often target people who are small and don’t have many followers. On top of that they offer “one day” advertisements, so the brand in a particular person’s social space has no continuity, which often leads to distrust in the influencer.

The influencers are not just a “tv channel” through which the message is being disseminated. A specific person’s social network is a space of creativity, in which not only marketing specialists, but also the influencers themselves, must appear. Recent experience – two well-known people advertised the same service and have been “caught” by the public. One – apologized, the other one said that it was his opinion, not influencing. Obviously, the influencers did not match the proposed service, perhaps the service wasn’t relevant to their target audience, and lastly too little input from the influencer turns back to a prominent figure. And such mistakes are detrimental not only to marketing professionals, but also to the celebrity that may lose their “status”, in the future, no longer induce trust.

How to choose the right influencer?

Marketing is a field that requires thoroughness and detail. It’s no surprise that even the choice of an influencer can be a complicated job. As we have already mentioned, choosing the wrong celebrity can even damage a campaign, so a multi-dimensional evaluation is required.

One method is to have big stars chosen (in Lithuania, in this case, it would be known people who have 100,000 followers); while the other method is to choose micro-influencers (such people have 5,000 to 10,000 followers in their social networks). It is understandable that the latter offer their services very cheaply, since their purpose is usually not to earn. Let’s say, someone makes food for their pleasure and uploads photos to their Instagram account. You can contact them with a particular food item or a modern dish and the like. In this case, the owner of the Instagram account, in addition to a new photo, will briefly mention that they use a certain branded bowl. Everything is simple and it’s a great way to save money!


A single person with many followers is better than many people who have several thousand followers. Of course, in the case, the celebrity matches the type of product or service being advertised. In some cases, it’s best to choose niche pages or celebrities even when they’re not followed by that many people.

It is clear that finding the most suitable influencer is not a very easy job to do. Not everyone who is known is the right choice. After all, a large number of followers can follow a person on their social networks out of anger, even if they do not like them. In this case, the follower will not really buy the goods or services offered by the celebrity. Then the investment is lost.

How to measure benefits?

Marketing is a constantly evolving field. It’s understandable that sometimes it can be complicated to measure the benefits a particular campaign brings. Figuring out how much benefit influencers bring in is also very difficult. The number of followers does not indicate that everyone will be interested. What’s more, participation in Facebook games is also a bit less important than ever. People who use certain services – do not even play. The most active are those that can be called “gaming aces”. They share everything they see and the result is no benefit to marketing professionals, because the person who is actively playing is often not going to remain a customer of a particular product or service. So, the goal of a marketing specialist is to try to maximize the benefits of finding an impactor whose followers are best suited to the needs of the advertising.

Do not be afraid to make bold decisions. One small, decisive step on a long journey can be a great offset to being successful in further advertising.

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