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We have assembled a competent team that strives for more
2021 - 2022
Dedicated Team

About the project

Manola MB main area of activity – retail and wholesale of leisure clothing, footwear, accessories and tourism equipment.


The e-shop at the time lacked the ability to deploy new functionality due to the incompatibility of the outdated version of Magento with most third-party software. The client not only carried out trading activities in the electronic space, but also managed 6 physical stores, therefore, it was an important residue management solution that allows digital and physical trade to operate smoothly among themselves – not to sell goods in the e-shop, which is already sold in the physical store.


The old e-shop was inflexible and difficult to edit, so instead of updating the old e-shop, it was decided to create a completely new one. Taking into account the customer’s needs for new functionalities and automation, it was decided to perform the integration of the systems used with Magento and the mutual integration of the systems. The development of the project required constant communication, so the decision was made to form a dedicated team. For more effective communication, a communication channel dedicated to the project was created – this allowed to communicate noticeably faster and respond to the problems that arose.

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The e-shop, with the most up-to-date versions of the software, has opened up a wide range of possibilities for the implementation of new functionalities, ensuring a reliable, smooth and secure operation of the e-shop. When the new e-shop was set up, the data had to be migrated.

In view of the growing volume of e-commerce, in order to achieve process automation, it was decided to carry out the integration of accounting systems with Magento. The aim of simplifying the management of the catalogue was satisfied by the integration of the product information management system Akeneo into Magento. Customers expressed the need for external systems to work synchronously with each other and not require human resource actions, therefore, the mutual integration of all the systems used was implemented. Multi-channel trading was implemented for the expansion of trade volumes and business growth – an automatically renewable product XML file was generated, thanks to which products and their information are constantly transferred to the most popular external sales channels –, and Facebook.

We have assembled a competent team that strives for more

In order to avoid situations where goods that have already been sold in one of the brick-and-mortar stores are sold through an e-commerce channel, a re-check of the balances has been carried out immediately before the customer completes the order. The logic of automatic splitting of balances into divisions has been implemented, informing the divisions included in the order fulfillment by e-mail, providing information in the e-mail about what goods and what order must be postponed and from which division the order must be handed over to the carrier or the customer.

During the development of the project, a number of smaller tasks were implemented, such as the development of logic for displaying different types of sizes, displaying different sizes for different product categories using different logic, integration of carrier and payment systems, individual optimisation of the e-shop’s performance, etc.


The result of the cooperation was the creation of a modern, fast and innovative e-shop adapted for multi-channel trade. The system integrations made it possible to give up daily manual work, thus freeing up human resources for other important jobss. Following the project, the partnership and the development of the project in close cooperation continue.

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