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Radijo ryšio sistemos – one of the main companies selling radio communication systems on the Lithuanian market, established in 2008. Radijo ryšio sistemos offers a wide range of products, including both professional and amateur communication equipment and accessories, GPS navigation, video recorders and other electronic equipment.


The client had a need to install additional functionality, but due to the outdated version of Magento used at the time, it was not possible . Third-party modules, which are used to extend the basic functionality of Magento, are continuously adapted by the developers to Magento version updates. Module developers are always trying to keep up with the latest Magento environment, which is why many third-party software solutions are not compatible and supported with significantly older versions of Magento.


The client came to us with a clear desire to upgrade the version of Magento that they were using so that the e-shop could be further improved. The Magento version upgrade was accompanied by updates to the server infrastructure, third-party software modules and design theme. The Magento update has introduced a number of features that have made the e-shop modern and functional.

Services provided

The client underwent a major Magento upgrade and had all errors fixed. After updating the design theme version, due to significant changes in the design theme version, the site design has completely lost its former structure. In order to save time and budget, a decision was made to purchase a new design theme, install it and individually adapt it to the specifics of the company and the needs of its customers.

One of the main reasons for the update of the e-shop is the desire to develop functionality, therefore, after the update of the Magento version, a number of new functionality has been installed and existing ones have been improved. To simplify the administration of the e-shop and give customers a wider choice of delivery methods, carrier modules have been introduced to automate the order delivery process. Taking into account the customers’ wish to host their goods on the marketplaces, a module has been installed and configured to generate an XML document and to transmit the specified catalogue of goods to various e-commerce channels (e.g. kaina24.lt, pigu.lt, etc.). A wide range of SEO functions has been implemented to improve SEO positions. To optimise the billing process, a logic has been implemented where the available payment methods depend on the chosen delivery method.

Taking into account the needs of customers for simpler administration of the e-shop, the functionality of automatic categories is implemented, thanks to which products are automatically assigned to categories according to the provided conditions. In order to simplify the administration process, an automatic module for similar products has been introduced, which allows the rules to reflect under which conditions and where the selected products should be represented as similar products. With the update of the Magento version, more small-scale works were carried out.


At the beginning of the cooperation, the Magento version was updated, thus ensuring the smooth operation and safety of the e-shop and opening up possibilities for the development of functionality. Updating the version of the e-shop and introducing new functionalities has simplified the administration of the e-shop, and the e-shop itself has become modern, functional, eye-catching and convenient for shopping. The progressive development of the updated rrs.lt e-shop continues.

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