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UAB Serpantinas is the official representatives of the world-renowned welding equipment, one of the market leaders in welding equipment dealers in Lithuania with more than three decades of experience. UAB Serpantinas has six branches in major cities of Lithuania and e-commerce channel e-serpantinas.com


The e-shop was then built using Magento version 1, an e-commerce platform that was officially discontinued by its developers as of June 2020. This meant that the e-commerce platform used by the e-shop did not receive any updates, the errors and security vulnerabilities were not addressed, and eventually newer versions of third-party software and the server infrastructure needed to run Magento became incompatible with the old Magento version. Older versions of the software lacked functionality, were unmaintainable by the developers and had bugs that were not fixed in the old versions but have been fixed in the new versions.


After talking to the customers, it was decided to upgrade the Magento version used in the e-shop. The updated version has opened up a wide range of possibilities for functionality development, and new functionalities have been introduced since the update, allowing the e-shop to be administered more efficiently and for customers to shop faster and easier.

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A new e-shop has been created using Magento version 2. In order to avoid losing the data, data migration was carried out – user accounts, orders, products and other important data were transferred. Taking into account that a major problem in the previous version of the e-shop was the non-optimised, time-consuming shopping process, the checkout process has been optimised and the functionality of the one-page checkout window has been introduced to improve the conversion rate. 

In order to simplify accounting processes, the integration of the accounting system Rivilė into the Magento was carried out. Automatic transfer of orders to Rivile and automatic account generation functionality have been implemented. In order to simplify logistics processes, logic has been implemented, which allows to allocate the minus of balances from different units according to the established priorities and transfer it to the dispatch/drop-off unit of the shipment. Having not only an e-commerce channel, but also physical stores, in order not to sell in the e-store goods that have already been sold in the physical store, a solution was made – re-checking of the balances immediately before the customer completes the order. At the moment, the balances are split and written off automatically, the departments included in the order fulfilment are informed by e-mail, providing information in the letter about what goods and what order needs to be postponed.

Taking into account the specifics of the goods sold, an individual logic has been implemented that allows the goods to be sold not in whole units, but by weight. After the new e-shop was set up, a lot of minor work was carried out: a tool for SEO optimization has been implemented, integration of payment and delivery service providers has been carried out, the possibility to enter delivery data relevant to the company and many other works has been implemented on the billing page.


The result of the collaboration is a modern, fast and functional e-shop that is easy to use for shopping. The implemented functionalities automated some of the processes and simplified the administration of the e-shop. Magento version 2 is compatible with the latest versions of third-party software, paving the way for further development of the e-shop functionality.

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