Quality Assurance

Automated Testing

We guarantee the quality of an implemented technical solution

We test large-scale and sophisticated technical solutions with software that is suitable for automated testing. Be assured that the technical solution implemented will be delivered only of high quality and fully tested.

IT programinės įrangos automatinis testavimas

Automated Testing

Automated testing is the testing of an implemented software solution in order to ensure the compliance with the requirements. During the process, it is checked whether the implemented technical solution performs a certain function it should perform, whether there are no errors, defects or other inconsistencies that may arise during the development of the product. The key advantages of automated testing are as follows: automated processes save time, they can be carried out at any time of the day, certain sequences that test each function in detail, are used, and test results that can be compared with previous tests, are delivered.

IT programinės įrangos automatinis testavimas

Tools Used for Automated Testing

The automated testing process uses reliable and innovative software that allows you to quickly perform testing of large-scale source code. Selenium, Cypress, Jasmine, and Mocha are just a few software solutions that we use to control the quality of implemented tasks.

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