Social networks: where does the popularity come from?

Social networks: where does the popularity come from?

For most people, social networks are part of their everyday life. It is a great way to entertain, communicate, distribute certain information and ultimately – express your thoughts through writing or video. Different social media differs in its popularity, features and format. But perhaps everyone will agree that a modern individual without media is like a person with no hands. It is only natural that the entrepreneurs who are looking for more accessible advertising channels are actively using the media.

“All that glitters is not gold…”

Social media is very different. The most popular social network in Lithuania – Facebook has nearly 1.5 billion users all around the globe. Twitter is another popular social network, which is, in truth, hard to grasp in Lithuania. Ahead of it and the second most popular social network in this country is Instagram, which is usually associated with influencing.

In Lithuania, the attempt was made to consolidate the social network Tvistas, which, as soon as it had made its first steps, was immediately laughed at because of the poor and uncomfortable operation, the tasteless design and simply … worthlessness.

It is clear that some networks become very well-rooted and somehow become an especially attractive form of communication, while others are unnecessary and even though being invested in a great deal, are still not visited. So, it’s important to highlight that social networks are not equally popular. Good media needs to meet user’s needs, and often there is simply no need for a copy of an already great option.

Why are social networks so convenient?

The world is in a hurry nowadays. To adapt to the labour market, and even to leisure, it is essential to use the Internet. Is it really necessary? Yes, because it helps save a lot of time and get relevant information that helps to become a part of society.

No wonder P. Bourdieu has said that today rich people are not the ones with money, but the ones with knowledge, and most knowledge can be obtained online. Just enter some keywords in the search engine and you will find what you need. That’s why social networks rose to popularity so fast. They also work on the “moment” principle. It’s even joked about that social media accounts created for the purposes of saving time are actually stealing that time from us. However, if you use them purposefully, you can effectively get all the information you need in a second.

Social networking features

Marketing has been using social networks for sales and it has been one of the most important ways of expanding opportunities. Social networks themselves are available to anyone who wants to use them. Don’t have a computer at home? Libraries are waiting for you, so everyone who wants to learn has this opportunity. Nowadays there are computer literacy courses that are being organized to help get familiarized with computers and social networks.

At the same time, social networks help to hide, but do not completely disassociate humans. Although social networking problems and hyper-reality are often highlighted, cautious media usage can help spread, for example, specific information to a person. It is no surprise that the blogs and niche pages are popular in the media. Of course, comfortable communication is also appreciated. Both with loved ones and with business people.

Marketing is exploiting social networks in all manner of ways. It is true that you need to know the possible paths and choose the one that will help you get the most out of your results. The key is to take full advantage and not to be afraid to make a courageous decision!

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